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Component-based design

As a UX team, we’ve been working hard to create, implement and scale evolving design systems for Enterprise. This is a gargantuan and ongoing effort, but every rendition gets us closer and closer to the goal of pure component-based design. As part of this journey, we’ve been getting to grips with React, trying to learn as much (from a designer’s perspective) as we possibly can. This course aimed at designers is one of the best resources we’ve used to date, and they have more courses in this space packed with visual learning content and project resources.

React for Designers

In this course, you’ll learn React as a designer, starting with styling your layout using CSS Grid, animating your user interface and creating a full-blown React site that can be deployed on Netlify in seconds. You’ll also work with dynamic data and charge customers with Stripe. The techniques taught here can help you build a beautiful page selling your product, or create a personal portfolio with a dynamic blog. Most importantly, you’ll gain valuable insights into how developers work, and how you can build too, making your job even more essential to your team.

Learn by building

This is a course for visual learners. It focuses on learning by building a real product, which is my personal approach to learning new things quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend applying your own logos, images, colors and content to make your site completely unique. At any time during your progress, I suggest clicking on the resources provided to learn more in-depth about the frameworks that we use.

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