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Office 365 Support

We've helped Microsoft to design and develop desktop and mobile support tools for Office 365 users that offer seamless integration of support resources and allow admins to quickly and easily open and manage active support tickets through a single user interface. These tools have already reduced support costs by 26%, saving millions of dollars and helping Microsoft to provide an exceptional support experience to Office 365 customers.

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Blue Box

Blue Box is a Seattle-based cloud technology company delivering agile cloud resources to nearly 600 customers worldwide, providing customers with Private Cloud as a Service (PCaaS) OpenStack deployments on dedicated hardware. After 10 years as a startup we helped propel the Blue box brand into the investor spotlight with an overhaul of their web presence that helped executives secure $28M in Series B funding. The new site was featured on Web Design Served and Blue Box was acquired by IBM 16 months after launch.

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SHOXS is one of the largest manufacturers of shock mitigated seating worldwide, with their products in use by many of the world's most demanding military agencies including the US Navy and US Coast Guard. We overhauled their identity, returning to market with an entirely new strategy to better appeal to their target audience and to convey brand values of strength, quality and a mastery of marine safety, military technology and engineering.

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