Gamifying remote work with SpurGo Citrix & Formula 1

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    Digital Strategy, Architecture

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    UI/UX, Art Direction

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    Citrix / SpurGo


Giving remote teams at Citrix a fun way to connect and compete.

Improve employee connection, satisfaction and recognition by gamifying peer-based engagement through the Citrix F1 Redbull Sponsorship.


Make achieving company goals rewarding and fun.

Remote teams can add OKRs and quarterly goals into the game for some friendly competition and the chance to win prizes made possible by the Citrix Formula 1 Red Bull Partnership.


Get inspirational messages from the Red Bull racing team.

Follow the F1 Race calendar, see If you can beat Max Verstappen’s Citrix Virtual Laps and compete with your teammates in the Challenge Leaderboard with prizes like F1 swag and tickets up for grabs.

Live the Citrix Formula 1 Red Bull Brand with activation initiatives that bring people and teams together.

SpurGo Games can be built for any brand and any sponsorship.

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