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Bing Maps

Microsoft's Cloud Mapping Solution trusted by Enterprise customers worldwide.

Bing Maps for Enterprise helps developers create applications that layer location-relevant data on top of licensed map imagery, reveal data patterns, and deliver more insightful business intelligence. The site receives an average of +1M visits a day.

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Bing Maps APIs

Test API capabilities right from the browser.

Designed to help users learn about the Bing Maps Platform, its features, benefits and capabilities — allowing them to test drive the Bing Maps APIs and access other developer resources and documentation.

Developer Resources

From best practices to code integration — all in one place.

Documentation, code libraries, development environments — Everything engineers need to successfully test, integrate and deploy Bing Maps APIs into their applications.

Responsive UX

Renders beautifully
on any device.

Built on Microsoft’s Web Framework, the site is designed to seamlessly scale for any device, bringing the Bing Maps Platform APIs to you — no matter where you are.

Performance monitoring, content maintenance, security updates and policy alignment help our Enterprise customers stay online and in compliance 24/7.

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